Digestive enzymes are proteins produced by the body as needed to help break down foods into usable nutrients that can be absorbed from the digestive tract and used throughout the body.*

Digestive enzymes are proteins created in the body that help break down foods, and probiotics are the “good live bacteria” inside of us that help support digestive and immune health.*

Although they are different in key ways, digestive enzymes and probiotics have some important similarities:

  • Digestive enzymes and probiotics both support overall digestive health*
  • As we age our levels of both probiotics and digestive enzymes tend to decline
  • Both probiotics and digestive enzymes are sensitive to harsh stomach acid

Digestive enzymes are produced by the body and are also found in raw, unprocessed foods. Today’s highly processed and cooked foods often lack digestive enzymes, so your body may have to work harder to break down and absorb nutrients, causing occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion— a supplemental enzyme can help to prevent or reduce these discomforts.*

No. The human body is designed to produce enzymes indefinitely. Supplemental digestive enzymes aid in the digestive process without altering the body’s ability to create new enzymes.*

Digestive enzymes generally have very positive effects, such as relief from occasional digestive discomforts like gas, bloating, and indigestion.* As with all dietary supplements, if you experience any negative side effects discontinue the product immediately, and if you would like additional support or have questions, please contact our customer service department at 1-800-830-1800 or email us at support@renewlife.com.

Yes, digestive enzymes are usually taken with various other supplements such as probiotics, a multi-vitamin, or fiber supplements. Normally we suggest taking digestive enzyme supplements before or with meals, and other supplements between meals.

No, it is not necessary to refrigerate Digest Smart enzymes. We suggest that they be kept in a cool, dry place at 77° F (25°C) or below.

The best time to take Digest Smart enzymes is before each meal.

Every enzyme has its own specific, standard unit of measure or Enzyme Activity Value (EAV), but to measure overall digestion power, Digest Smart enzymes are grouped into four macronutrient enzyme activity groups, with similar modes of action. The four EAV groups are Protein Digestion (PU), Carbohydrate Digestion (DP), Fat Digestion (FIP), and Fiber Digestion (CU), and they are tested and guaranteed for purity and potency. The Food & Chemicals Codex (FCC) was referenced as a worldwide compendium to choose the assay for each of the macronutrient categories.

While different enzymes are active throughout the digestive system, 90% of digestion occurs in the intestines. All Digest Smart enzymes feature targeted-delivery capsules which shield enzymes from gastric acid in the stomach to ensure delivery to the intestines where the majority of digestion occurs.*

Targeted-delivery capsules are made of vegetable cellulose and are designed to resist stomach acid to help ensure optimal enzyme delivery to the intestinal tract.*

Digest Smart enzymes may contain traces of soy, dairy, and wheat from ingredients used in the fermentation process to make enzymes.

ATP (adenosine 5’-triphosphate) is a purine nucleotide found in human cells. Its key function is to transfer and liberate energy between cells. ATP is not directly available from food, so cells in our body must generate their own ATP.