The Digest Smart Difference

Digest Smart high-potency enzymes are formulated for the way you live and eat so you can feel better, lighter, and more energized—no matter what’s between you and your fork.*

Benefits You Can Feel

Today’s highly processed and cooked foods often lack digestive enzymes, so your body may have to work harder to break down and absorb nutrients, causing occasional gas, bloating, and indigestion.* Digest Smart high potency enzyme formulas work hard to reduce occasional digestive discomforts and unlock the nutrient goodness of your food.*

Potent Digestion Power for Each Food Group*

Enzyme Activity Value (EAV) measures how effective an enzyme is in converting the major food groups—protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber—into smaller absorbable nutrients to provide the nourishment and energy your body requires.*

Digest Smart high potency formulas are made with maximum Enzyme Activity Value to help support more complete breakdown of the major food groups and optimize nutrient availability so you can comfortably enjoy more of your favorite foods.*

Plant-based Enzyme Formulas

Because the body uses different enzymes to break down different types of proteins, fats, fibers, and sugars, we formulated Digest Smart high-potency enzymes with a potent, full-spectrum blend of 25 plant-based, naturally derived enzymes to address all the major food groups.*

Targeted Delivery

Digest Smart ZymeGuard™ targeted-delivery vegetable capsules resist stomach acid to ensure more active enzymes reach your intestinal tract where they do a lot of their work.*

Quality, Purity and Potency Guaranteed

Digest Smart® is guaranteed for quality, purity, and potency through expiration. Perhaps as important as the ingredients that are in our products are the ingredients that are not in our products. We are committed to providing natural supplements with no artificial ingredients, colors, or preservatives.